Patents; Hemingray insulator

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Publication: American Electrician

New York, NY, United States
vol. 13, no. 12, p. 579, col. 2-3

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Line Wire Insulator. When electric light or power wires are suspended from insulators beneath the cross-arm, extra precautions are necessary in order to prevent the establishment of a leakage path during wet weather, on account of the facility with which moisture is enabled to travel from the cross-arm to the wire when the relative positions are as specified. With a view to reducing the possibility of leakage to a minimum, Ralph G. Hemingray provides a composite insulator of the form shown by Fig. 1, which shows an elevation and a cross-section in the vertical plane. The line wire is secured to the knob, B, being held in the under groove by means of a tie wire in the annular groove just above it. The knob, B, is screwed on the end of a shank or pin, C, which may be of any material but is preferably of wood, and which in turn is screwed into the body of a protecting bell, A, of insulating material. This bell is of the familiar multi-petticoat type, and is to be secured to the cross-arm by some means not described by the inventor. Patent No. 686,609.


Fig. 1. Line Wire Insulator.


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