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Publication: American Electrician

New York, NY, United States
vol. 14, no. 7, p. 342, col. 2-3

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High-Voltage Insulator. The essential features of a high-voltage insulator are, of course, that it shall have a high resistance from the exterior surface through the material to the pin or other support, that it shall also offer a high resistance to the leakage of current over the surface of the insulator, and that its shape shall be such that the distance from the supported wire to the insulator pin or other ground structure shall be sufficient to prevent an arc from the wire to the pin. The first two requirements are readily fulfilled, and Fig. 2 herewith illustrates a method of fulfilling the third condition without resorting to an unwieldly size of insulator which has been devised by Vernon G. Converse. Mr. Converse's method consists of providing a series of air-gaps between prominent portions of the insulator which intervenes between the supported wire and the cross-arm, and shielding the lower part of the supporting pin by an insulating sleeve. The construction will be obvious from a glance at the illustration. The fundamentals of the insulator are the sleeves, 5; the intermediate petticoat, 4, and the cap, 3. The inventor proposes to adapt the insulator to various potentials by interposing a larger or smaller number of petticoats, 4, the higher the potential the greater the number of petticoats, of course. Patent No. 701,847.


FIG. 2.
Fig. 2.


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