Dan Hemingray and H. T. Paiste representatives attended the NELA Convention

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Electrician

New York, NY, United States
vol. 15, no. 7, p. 386, col. 1-2

National Electric Light Convention Notes.

THERE were also present D. C. Hemingray, of the Hemingray Glass Company, of Covington, Ky.; W. R. Mason, general manager of the Mechanical Boiler Cleaner Company, of Chicago; E. A. Jenkins, of the H. T. Paiste Company, of Philadelphia and Chicago.; E. E. Woodward, of the Woodward Governor Company, of Rockford, Ill.; Enos Bookwalter, representing A. L. Ide & Sons, of Springfield, Ill.; V. G. Apple, of the Dayton (Ohio) Electric Manufacturing Company; J. B. Estabrook, of the Colonial Electric Company, Ravenna, Ohio; J. S. Crider, secretary of the Washington Carbon Company; G. G. Luthy, of the Royal Electric Company, of Peoria, Ill.; A. M. Searles, the Chicago representative of the Warren Electric Manufacturing Company; Charles Messer, president of the Dearborn Electric Company; W. C. Bryant, Bryant Electric Company, of Bridgeport, Conn.; J. A. Vaughan, Carleton-Chase Electric Company, of New York; R. Link, Keuffel & Esser Company; C. P. Hill, Doubleday-Hill Electric Company, of Pittsburgh; E. H. Noyes, Pittsburg Reduction Company; A. D. Wyckoff, Ball & Wood Company, of New York; W. F. S. Lake, Buffalo Forge Company; E. H. Hammond, American Electrical Works, of Providence, R. I., and O. P. Cone, Hawks Electfic Company, Boston.


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