Patents; Fred Locke glazeweld insulator

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Publication: American Electrician

New York, NY, United States
vol. 16, no. 1, p. 40, col. 1



Insulator. The progress of high-tension power transmission and the tendency toward higher and higher potentials for such lines has resulted in many notable improvements in insulator construction. One of the latest forms of insulators for this class of service is that shown by Fig. 1 herewith and devised by Fred M. Locke. This insulator is of the now well-known sectional or multiple-petticoat type, but it differs from the others of that class in the provision of air spaces between the successive sections of the insulator, these sections resting on each other merely at the edges, as shown at f and g in the drawing. The sections are fused together at the points of contact. Patent No. 745,284.


Fig. 1. High-Tension Insulator.



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