Exhibitors at the St. Louis Exposition

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Electrician

New York, NY, United States
vol. 16, no. 6, p. 311-312, col. 3,1-3




The rapid advancement made in every line of invention since the Chicago Exposition provides a field of marvels for exhibition at St. Louis which will be at once remarkable and interesting. Following is a list of electrical exhibitors at the exposition, furnished by Prof. W. E. Goldsborough, chief of the department of electricty. The exhibitors from foreign countries it will be noted, are not included:

Adams-Bagnall Electric Company, Cleveland; A. S. Aloe, St. Louis; American Carbon & Battery Company, St. Louis; American Circular Loom Company, Chelsea, Mass; American Electric Fuse Company, Chicago; American Electrical Heater Company, Detroit; American Electrical Novelty & Manufacturing Company, New York; American School of Correspondence, Chicago; American Telephone & Telegraph Company, Boston; the American Watchman's Time Detector Company, New York; American Watchman's Time Detector Company, Cleveland; Bion J. Arnold, Chicago; Association of Edison Illuminating Companies, Chicago; Martin Armstrong, St. Louis; Atlanta Utility Works, East Point, Ga.; the Automatic Electric Company, Chicago; Automatic Fire Alarm Company, New York City; Argentine Republic.

Baird Manufacturing Company, Chicago; Carl Bajohr, St. Louis; Bario Vacuum Company, New York; M. V. Barlow, Chicago; W. M. Bashlin, Warren, Pa.; Mrs. Alexander Baumgart, New York City; Benjamin Electric Manufacturing Company, Chicago; The Bristol Company, Waterbury, Conn.; The Browning Company, Milwaukee; The Bryant Electric Company, Bridgeport, Conn.; Bullock Electric Manufacturing Company, Cincinnati; Burdette-Rowntree Manufacturing Company, Chicago; Burnham-Williams & Co., Philadelphia.

H. B. Camp Company, Chicago; Carbondale Machine Company, Carbondale; Cassidy & Son Manufacturing Company, New York; Carman Projector & Specialty Company, Chicago; Central Telephone & Electric Company, St. Louis; Chicago Fuse Wire & Manufacturing Company, Chicago; Colonial Sign Company, Akron, Ohio; Chicago X-Ray Company, Chicago; James Clark, Jr., & Co., Louisville; A. Frederick Collins, New York; Commercial Electric Company, Indianapolis; Controller Company of America, St. Louis; Cooper Hewitt Electric Company, New York; Crocker-Wheeler Company, Ampere, N. J.

The Dayton Autoelectric Company, New York City; De Forest Wireless Telegraph Company, New York; Patrick B. Delany, South Orange, N. J.; The Dayton Electrical Manufacturing Company, Dayton, Ohio; Dialt Motor Company, Philadelphia; Dicke Tool Company, Downers' Grove, Ill.; Dodd & Struthers, Des Moines, Iowa; S. R. Dresser, Bradford, Pa.

Economical Electric Lamp Company, New York; Thomas A. Edison, Orange, N. J.; Electra Water Purifier Company, St. Louis; Electric Circulator Company, Chicago; Electric Contract Company, New York; Electric Controller & Supply Company, Cleveland, Ohio; Electric Railway Equipment Company, Cincinnati; Electric Storage Battery Company, Philadelphia; Eureka Tempered Copper Works, North East, Pa.

Faller Automatic Telephone Exchange Company, New York; Federal Electric Company, Chicago; C. J. Field, New York; Fort Wayne Electric Works, Fort Wayne, Ind.; France.

Germany; The Gardner Electric Drill & Machinery Company, Cleveland; General Electric Company, Schenectady, N. Y.; Gervais Manufacturing Company, Edgewater, N. J.; G. M. Gest, Cincinnati; W. E. Goldsborough, Lafayette, Ind.; Gould Coupler Company, New York; Gould Storage Battery Company, Depew, N. Y.; Gray National Telautograph Company, New York; Gray Telephone Pay Station Company, Hartford, Conn.; A. Grothwell, San Francisco, Cal.

C. F. Hall, Chicago; Robert E. Haward, Kansas City, Mo.; The Heinze Electric Company, Lowell, Mass.; Hellesens, Enke & V. Ludvigsen, Copenhagen, Denmark; Hinton & Tarkington, Hot Springs, Ark.; Holmes, Booth & Haydens Company, New York; Holophane Glass Company, New York; C. W. Hunt, West New Brighton, New York; Miller Reese Hutchison, New York City; Hutchison Acoustic Company, New York.

Italy; Indiana Novelty Company, Muncie, Ind.; International Acheson Graphite Company, Niagara Falls, N. Y.; J. Van Inwagen, Momence, Ill.

The Jackson Electric Drill & Supply Company, Denver, Colo.; The Jandus Electric Company, Cleveland.

Charles Kaestner & Co., Chicago; Kellogg Switchboard & Supply Company, Chicago; Kester Electrical Manufacturing Company, Chicago; Keystone Electrical Instrument Company, Philadelphia; The Kny-Scheerer Company, New York; H. E. King, Chicago; D. A. Kusel Telephone & Electric Manufacturing Company, St. Louis.

The Leclanche Battery Company, New York; Lincoln Electric Company, Cleveland; Lionel Manufacturing Company, New York; Locke Insulator Manufacturing Company, Victor, N. Y.

Mexico; McGraw Publishing Company, New York; McRoy Clay Works, Chicago; Marshall-Sanders Company, Boston; W. E. Matthews & Brother, St. Louis; The Miller Anchor Company, Norwalk, Ohio; Mystic Electric Gas Lighter Company, New York; Moloney Electric Company, St. Louis.

National Carbon Company, Cleveland; National Battery Company, New York; National Cash Register Company, Dayton, Ohio; National Electric Company, Milwaukee, Wis.; Nernst Lamp Company, Pittsburg; National Clock Works, St. Louis; Northern Electrical Manufacturing Company, Madison, Wis.; Norton Emery Wheel Company, Worcester, Mass.; Nungesser Electric Battery Company, Cleveland.

The Organ Power Company, Hartford, Conn.

Pawling & Harnischfeger, Milwaukee, Wis.; The Peerless Electric Company, Warren, Ohio; Perkins Electric Switch Manufacturing Company, Bridgeport,Conn.; The Phelps Company, Detroit, Mich.; Walter P. Phillips, Bridgeport, Conn.; Pittsburg Blue Print Company, Pittsburg; Pneumatic Signal Company, Rochester, N. Y.; Postal Telegraph Cable Company, St. Louis; Printing Telegraph News Company, St. Louis; Prometheus Electric Company, New York City; Produce Research Laboratory, Lafayette, Ind.; Portugal.

Queen & Co., Philadelphia; F. Herrero y Ruix, Albacete, Spain.

Reynolds Electric Flasher Manufacturing Company, Chicago; The Robbins & Myers Company, Springfield, Ohio; Chicago Rontgen X-Ray Laboratory, Chicago; Roth Brothers & Co., Inc., Chicago.

St. Louis Brass Manufacturing Company, St. Louis; the Safety Insulated Wire & Cable Company, New York; Sawyer-Man Electric Company, New York; W. Scheidel & Co., Chicago; M. Shearer, Akron, Ohio; Shedd Electric & Manufacturing Company, New York; Standard-Underground Cable Company, Pittsburgh; Standard Water Purifying Company, Cleveland; Sterling Electric Company, New York; Sterling Electric Motor Company, Dayton, Ohio; S. W. Stratton, Washington, D. C.; William F. Stilz & Co., Philadelphia; Sumter Telephone Manufacturing Company, Sumter, S. C.

Telephone Hygienic Company, Los Angeles, Cal.; C. H. Thordarson, Chicago; C. J. Toerring Company, Philadelphia; Triumph Electric Company, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Underwriters' Laboratories, Chicago; U. S. Incandescent Lamp Company, St. Louis; United States Electric Signal Company, West Newton, Mass.

E. C. Van Nort Electric Company, St. Louis.

Wagner Electric Manufacturing Company, St. Louis; R. V. Wagner & Co., Chicago; Waite & Bartlett, New York; Warren Ball-Bearing Fixture Company, New York; Warren Electric & Specialty Company, Warren, Ohio; Warren Electric Manufacturing Company, Sandusky, Ohio; B. F. Wasson, Clinton, Ill.; Western Electric Company, Chicago; Wesco Supply Company, St. Louis; Western Electrician, Chicago; Western Union Telegraph Company, St. Louis; Weston Electrical Instrument Company, Newark, N. J.; Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company, Pittsburg; Wheel Truing Brake Shoe Company, Detroit, Mich.; Windsor & Kenfield Publishing Company, Chicago; Wireless Railway Company, Philadelphia; Westinghouse Traction Brake Company, New York; The Wyckoff Pipe & Creosoting Company, Stamford, Conn.

Charles E. Yetman, New York.


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