Mica Insulator Company forms European company

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Electrician

New York, NY, United States
vol. 13, no. 10, p. 40, col. 2-3


MICA INSULATOR COMPANY, New York, announces that its selling, agency in Europe, hitherto in charge of Bergthell & Young, London, has ceased, and that an English company has been formed, named The Mica Insulator Company, Limited, for the purpose of carrying on the European business. The principal office of the new company will be at its factory at Stansted, Essex. By uniting the selling department with the factory, the company believes that business will be facilitated, by bringing it into closer touch with the market and enabling it to serve customers more promptly. The manufacture of the well and favorably-known Micanite, Empire insulating cloth and paper, and M. I. C. compound, originated by the New York company, will be continued in America as heretofore.


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