Ohio Brass exhibited at the American Street Railway Assoc. convention

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Electrician

New York, NY, United States
vol. 14, no. 12, p. 551,554, col. 1-3,3

Notes from the American Street Railway Association Convention.

THE OHIO BRASS COMPANY, of Mansfield, Ohio, as usual occupied a large and prominent space, very tastefully arranged. The space was surrounded by different types of mounted flexible pole brackets, and the rail around the space consisted of sections of 100-lb. T-rail, joined with fish-plates and bonded with this company's "all wire" rail-bonds, in which the heads are formed from the bunch of wire itself., These T-rails were mounted on different forms of Ohio Brass Company third-rail insulators, including the new Gonzenbach type used on the Aurora, Elgin & Chicago Railway. Inside the space this company's numerous products in the way of overhead material and bonds were displayed on circular stands. The exhibit included also the Monarch track cleaner. This company's representatives were F. B. Black, president; C. K. King, secretary; W. M. Garland, manager New York office; O. W. Uthoff, manager St. Louis office; G. A. Harwood, general agent; A. L. Wilkinson, H. C. Schwable, G. A. Mead, electrical engineer; Burt Gellatly, manager Pittsburg office; E. O. McCormick and C. N. Manfred.


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