Fletchers Perfect Insulator

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical Review

New York, NY, United States
vol. 6, no. 7, p. 9, col. 2-3

Fletcher's Perfect Insulator for Suspending

Arc-Light Lamps.

Mr. John R. Fletcher, of Dayton, Ohio, has designed a very excellent insulator to meet a necessity in are lighting, which will be readily appreciated by every one familiar with the various systems now in use.


The Fletcher Insulator.


The pulley, or knob, is of the best quality porcelain size, 2x2 inches with groove in center, to suspend either by cord, wire or wire cable. The bolt is of wrought iron, 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches, and firmly secured with nut, which cannot slip off. The side arms and snap are in one piece, made from the best malleable iron, galvanized, and will bear a strain of 2,000 pounds. Weight of the insulator complete is 12 ounces.

The practical advantage of this insulator is to dispense with the use of rubber tubing and other similar insulation, which not only is expensive, but requires constant care to prevent leakages, burning of cords and other accidents, which interfere with high electric currents such as are required in are lighting. This insulator is almost indispensable where lamps are suspended for outside lighting, as in using rubber tubing to insulate the cord, dampness inside the tubing causes the cord to rot, and weakens the cord to a very dangerous condition, and in many instances throws the lamp to the ground, making it not only an expensive but a very dangerous mishap.

Fletcher's perfect insulator is the only one now in use by which arc lights can be raised and lowered with wire cable, instead of cord, and prevent escape of current in hot weather. It can also be used to great advantage in attaching lamps to iron awning frames, gas-pipes, or any other direct conductor, without the least danger of making a "ground." It is also desirable to use it where hooks are run into plastered walls or ceiling, as moisture in the walls or plaster takes off more or less current when the lamp is not perfectly insulated from such contacts.

The Dayton Electric Light Company, of Dayton, O., has now in use one hundred and ninety-six of Fletcher's perfect insulators, suspending lamps both by sash cord and wire cable.

Mr. Fletcher manufactures these insulators at Dayton, Ohio.


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