Frank L. Pope, Elmora, New Jersey

Received Patent for Screw-Top Insulator

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 3, no. 2, p. 16, col. 1



Insulator for Electric Conductors; Frank L. Pope, of Elmora, N. J.............................. 290,922

A represents the body of the insulator, which is made in the form of an inverted cup or bowl, and is of glass, porcelain or other suitable material. The upper portion of the insulator A is of smaller diameter than its main body, and is provided with a conical expanding screw a a, the diameter of which increases from the top toward the bottom. A rigid horseshoe-shaped metallic clip or shackle B is provided for forming with the line wire a loop; into which the expanding screw a a may be screwed. The curved inner surface of this shackle is adapted to fit the screw upon the insulator.




In applying the insulator to the line the shackle is first attached to the line-wire at the proper place by means of the open hooks b b, which grasp the line-wire and form in connection there with the irregular ring or stirrup for receiving the insulator. The top of the insulator, upon which is that portion of the screw a a of least diameter, is inserted into this ring or stirrup, and is then turned upon its longitudinal axis and thus screwed into the stirrup.

By turning the insulator bodily in the direction indicated by the arrow it will be both screwed upon the pin and into the ring or stirrup.


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