Lava Electric Insulators

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Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 3, no. 12, p. 94, col. 3

Lava Electric Insulators.

In our last issue Mr. P. Atkinson, A. M., passed in review the best known insulators, dealing with their respective merits. We have now received from the D. M. Stewart [sic] Steward Manufacturing Company, of 831 and 833 State avenue, Cincinnati, O., some samples of their patent "Lava" insulation. This new material looks like wood, but has the "feel" of slate. It can be cut or molded into any shape that the exigency of the case demands, before passing through the hardening process. It is extremely hard, offering great resistance to all cutting tools, and would stand, we think, any amount of wear. Among the points claimed in its favor are that it does not warp, that it is absolutely fireproof and waterproof, and that it is not soluble in any known acid. The pieces submitted are a tube for use where wire enters buildings, and a switch plug, and both are, we should judge, excellently adapted to their purpose. The firm quote the testimony of the Superintendent of the Brush Electric Light Co. at Cincinnati, to the effect that he has never had a fire or any trouble where the Lava insulators are in use, and that he is substituting them for others. It is evident that the range of application for this material is wide, and the firm say that they are already increasing their capacity for production.


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