B & O Telegraph in court with Western Union Telegraph

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Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 3, no. 25, p. 202, col. 3

Telegraph Companies in Court.

The legal war between the Western Union and the Baltimore & Ohio Telegraph Companies came to an end at least for the present on the 16th inst. The hearing of the several motions for injunctions in the five suits pending between those two companies was begun before Judge Sedgwick, in Superior Court, Chambers. Gen. J. Wager Swayne, Clarence Gary and Mr. Dixon appeared for the Western Union Company, and E. R. Bacon, Grosvenor P. Lowery and C. F. Stone for the Baltimore & Ohio.

After listening to long arguments, and the reading of affidavits pro and con., Judge Sedgwick vacated the three injunctions obtained by the Western Union and the Gold and Stock Telegraph Companies restraining the Baltimore & Ohio from constructing its lines in Second avenue, between Thirty-first and One Hundred and Tenth streets; in Eleventh avenue, between Forty-second and Fifty-first streets, and in William, Beaver and Broad streets. The Court directed that an order should be entered in the suits of the Baltimore & Ohio against the Western Union Company and the Baltimore & Ohio against the Western Union, Metropolitan Telephone & Telegraph, and Gold & Stock Telegraph Companies, insuring to the Baltimore & Ohio Telegraph Company the right to construct, maintain, and operate its lines over the routes and through the streets designated. It was stipulated that the said lines should not be allowed to interfere with the lines of the Western Union Company. The last-named company was authorized to maintain its lines on either a higher or lower level than those of the rival company, in such a manner as not to interfere with the operation of the Baltimore & Ohio lines. The officers of the Baltimore & Ohio will proceed at once with their work of extension


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