Chicago Insulating Company introduces pony style insulator

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 4, no. 8, p. 64, col. 3


FISKE & MOTT INSULATOR. Some time ago we illustrated the "Regular" 20-ounce high resistance Fiske & Mott insulator, made by the Chicago Insulating Company, of 131 La Salle street, Chicago, Ill. The second size of this insulator weighs 11 ounces, and is called the " Pony." It is neat and handy, having a mansard top, and exposes as little surface to contact as the other size. About the middle of next month the company will furnish a medium size, of the same pattern as the " Pony," and weighing midway between that and the "Regular." The Knob Insulators and the new Combination Hook are, we can say from personal inspection, of good material, excellently made, and admirably suited to their purpose.


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