New Law Battery

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Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 7, no. 10, p. 105, col. 2

The New "Law" Battery.

Among the recent improvements established in the manufacture of the well-known "law" battery are some which add considerably to its efficiency and durability.


Fig. 1. Perspective View of Improved "Law" Battery.


In our illustrations, Fig. 1 represents the improved cell in perspective. Fig. 2 being a longitudinal section through the lid. In this new cell the corrugated carbons are fastened to a central block of carbon, which is wedge-shaped and fits into a corresponding opening in the lid. In this manner


Fig. 2. Longitudinal Section Through Lid.


the carbons are prevented from falling, and as an additional safeguard the central piece is cemented to the lid, so that no movement is possible. Special care has been taken to make the corrugated carbons of uniform density throughout and of low resistance so that the action is a uniform one in cells coupled in series. It will be noticed also that the zinc passes through a long sleeve cast on the lid. This effectually prevents any motion and the possibility of its coming in contact with the carbon. In the old form of "Law" cell the neck outside of the glass jar was provided with lugs so as to constitute a lock for the lid. This has now been changed, the lugs being upon the lid and locking into the curved neck of the jar. In order to make the jar air-tight the outer edge is provided with a rubber washer, and the zinc also is similarly equipped where it enters the lid. The improved "Law" cell, which is made by the "Law" Telephone Company, of this city, seems to embody all the essentials of a remarkably serviceable open circuit battery. It has evidently had considerable thought bestowad upon it with the keenest perception of the end to be attained.


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