Foree Bain opening an electrical establishment

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Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 7, no. 19, p. 218, col. 2



CHICAGO, May 1, 1886.

Mr. Foree Bain, who is well and favorably known to the electrical fraternity west, is opening an electrical establishment at 95-97 East Indiana street, Chicago. Mr. Bain will make a specialty of manufacturing to order and repairing all kinds of electrical apparatus, and his qualifications for this work and the equipment of his shop are of the very best. Mr. Bain himself is an expert electrician, and he has a large quantity of brand new machinery, specially adapted to the purpose for which it will be used. All such work as repairing dynamos or other electrical apparatus, manufacturing new inventions, specialties and novelties, will receive prompt attention. Besides the above, Mr. Bain will carry in stock the most important lines of electrical goods, and will undertake to fill satisfactorily orders for anything electrical. As electrical engineers, the firm will contract for the erection and equipment of electric light installations, telegraph and telephone lines and fire alarm plants. Electric bell, annunciator and gas lighting work is accepted, and electrical construction work of any kind undertaken. Services of experts will be furnished patrons. Such an establishment as Mr. Bain's has been needed in Chicago, and it will undoubtedly receive substantial encouragement from the start.

The employes of the Western Electric Company who, some days ago, made a request for shorter hours, are hereafter to work only nine and one-half hours daily, their pay remaining the same as before. This is a reduction in time of half an hour per day.

The Indianapolis telegraphers gave their annual reception Monday evening last. It was largely attended, and proved to be an enjoyable affair, Chicago, Cincinnati and St. Louis were represented.

The telephone matter in Indianapolis appears to be quieted down somewhat. President Phillips, of the Central Union Company, appeared at last session of Council and made a statement, claiming there was a misunderstanding between the city officials and his company. He said, in reference to their withdrawing, that it had been decided upon after consultation, and the effort to establish toll stations throughout the city was to accommodate their old subscribers whose instruments had been removed. The charges would be only the cost of the service. No new wires or connections had been made in so doing. The Council committee reported an amendment to the ordinance presented at last meeting, granting the West folks a franchise which now gives any telephone the right to make connection with the service lines, The West people want exclusive right in the city, and are not at all satisfied with the amendment.

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