Manhattan Electrical Supply reorganized

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 8, no. 17, p. 203, col. 3



Oct, 18, 1886.


The Manhattan Electric Company, of 787 Broadway, has recently been reorganized, and is now under very strong management. Mr. B. J. Sturgis, director of Lloyd's Plate Fire Insurance Company, is president; Mr. C. P. Frey is secretary. The trustees are: Mr. J. P. Haynes, of Hartford, Conn., the largest, grocer in that city; Mr. A. D. Ellinwood, of James McCreery & Co., dry goods, this city; Mr. R. T. Whiting, a prominent grocer of Bridgeport; Mr. S. Chichester, a director of electric lighting companies in Brooklyn; Mr. Julius Pinney, of the Willimantic Linen Company; Dr. F. Van Wooert, a leading Brooklyn dentist. Mr. E. Hurlburt is the general manager, and will give special attention to electrical business. The company are sole owners of the "window tapper," that now invites the attention of passers-by to hundreds of stores, and they control other desirable novelties as well. They are arranging to operate a factory in New York for the production of their specialties. Mr. Frey, who will act as their electrician, comes fully qualified. I have seen a letter from the President of Harvard College, wherein he states that Mr. Frey had charge of the laboratory and electrical experiment department of the college for two years.

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