Canadian Pacific Railroad enters telegraph business

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 3, no. 13, p. 107, col. 2


INTENTIONS OF THE CANADIAN PACIFIC. A report that the Canadian Pacific Railway Company is about to enter the lists as a competitor for telegraphic business is confirmed, says the Montreal Witness, on good authority. The company, as is well known, has long been taking public messages on its lines in the Northwest. The new departure will simply mean the extension of this practice to the older provinces; Ultimately telegraphic correspondence will be established by the company's route between Montreal and Winnipeg, thus competing with the Western Union, which takes messages to the Northwest round by St. Paul. It is also said that the Canadian Pacific authorities, in pursuance of this policy, are negotiating for cable connections with Europe. The question, in case they really wished to compete for transatlantic telegraphic business, would be whether the company could legally work a line from Montreal to New York; This, as an official of the company remarks, is a matter for the lawyers to settle.


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