H. T. Paiste Xntric switch

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical Industries

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 6, no. 9, p. 252, col. 1

Xntric Single Pole Switch.


The H. T. Paiste Co., Philadelphia, have just issued a handsome illustrated catalogue of the 106 specialties they manufacture. We illustrate below a cut of the new Xntric switch, which has just been remodeled and greatly improved. The center spindle below the brass contact plate has on it an eccentric, around which is the steel eccentric strap. By turning the handle this eccentric moves the eccentric strap inward (at the same time winding up the spring) until its point is free from stop on base, when the spring instantly throws the contact arm a quarter turn, either breaking or making circuit, as desired.




The central spring has two functions to perform to operate the switch and to always firmly hold contact plate to the contact posts. The contact has been lately improved, being made somewhat on the principle of a valve seat; this always insures a clean and substantial contact.


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