Business at the close of 1904; H. W. Johns-Manville Company; 1904 was most prosperous year to date

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Electrician

New York, NY, United States
vol. 17, no. 1, p. 59, col. 1


H. W. JOHNS-MANVILLE COMPANY, New York City, N. Y. Our electrical business has never known a year of such prosperity as 1904. The amount of material turned out from our factories has been far greater than in any previous year, and our entire product has been advantageously placed. The outlook for the coming year in this country, particularly in railway work, bears greater promise of activity than any year within the past decade. Our British and European business also gives us much cause for self-congratulation. Our factories, although improvements and additions have been made constantly, are running at their utmost capacity to handle our orders.


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