Gould & Watson make mica insulators

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 14, no. 7, col. 3


Molded Mica Insulators. Within the past year a new kind of electrical insulator has been put upon the market by the Gould & Watson Company, 110 Water Street, Boston, which has taken an important place. The substance is known as "Lehte," a composition made largely of mica. It has been widely used for the purpose of trolley-line insulators in electric street railways, and has given great satisfaction. Also, in motors, it has found a place in commutator brush yokes, which are made entirely of lehte or of iron with lehte covering. A valuable quality in this insulator is the ease with which it is attached to metal. Used as an insulative covering, or molded together with metal parts for connection, the union of lehte and metal is so perfect that they cannot be parted, nor is there any possibility of separation by expansion or contraction of metal in changes of temperature. Lehte admits of the nicest molding, and reproductions do not vary by the one-thousandth of an inch. There is practically no limit to the forms it may be worked into, and boring for holes or countersinks is avoided by providing for all such in the dies. Articles to be made in lehte are subjected in the process to a very heavy pressure, which gives alike strength and great denseness to them, and bring out exactly the finest lines of the dies, of screw-threads, etc. While it is not intended for high temperatures, lehte bears the greatest cold without becoming brittle, and being unaffected by weather is highly suitable tor outside work. As it is not oxidizable, there is no loss of strength, and there is no disintegration, as in insulating substances which contain sulphur. Other uses to which lehte has been applied are for handles, bases, switch-boards, bushings, washers, etc., etc. Another kind of insulating material made by this firm is called "Morewhite." It is intended for objects required to stand higher temperatures. "Morewhite" is also molded under high pressure and is strong and durable. It does not admit of work into such highly exact forms as lehte, but can be furnished in shapes which are not too complicated. Articles like these have already proved their great value and service, and their general adoption will ollow [sic] follow wherever they are known and their qualities understood.


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