Consolidated Electric Light Company new business alliance

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical Review

New York, NY, United States
vol. 11, no. 12, p. 8, col. 4

The Consolidated Electric Light Company's

New Business Alliance, and What

they Claim to be Able to Perform.

The Consolidated Electric Light Company, owner of the Sawyer-Man patents, has, from time to time, received numerous applications for licenses to manufacture and sell the incandescent lamps and other electrical apparatus covered by its patents, which applications it has always declined. With the view, however, of utilizing the inventions of others who have achieved success in the electric lighting field, and at the same time of concentrating and enlarging its business to meet the constantly increasing demand for its apparatus, the Consolidated Electric Light Company has recently completed the following important transactions, which are of interest to the electric lighting public:

First. It has granted to the Thomson-Houston Electric Company a license to manufacture and use incandescent electric lamps and attachments in plants and stations established by that company, in combination with its extensive and popular arc lighting system, upon an agreed royalty; and has also entered into a contract with that company, whereby the interests of both companies, in the manufacture and sale of electrical apparatus other than that covered by the Sawyer-Man patents, are mutually promoted.

Second. It has purchased from the Westinghouse Electric Company its valuable electric lamp factory and equipment at Pittsburgh, Pa., with a guaranteed-capacity of 5,000 incandescent lamps per day: and has entered into an agreement with the Westinghouse Company, whereby the purchasers from that company, of its alternating apparatus, for central station lighting, shall also purchase from the Consolidated Electric Light Company the Sawyer-Man lamps and attachments for use with such apparatus, and shall have the protection of the Sawyer-Man patents.

Third. It has purchased the stock and assumed the control of the Sawyer Man Electric Company, which has hertofore been its sole exclusive licensee, and will conduct its commercial department through the agency of the Sawyer Man Electric Company.

Fourth. It has purchased that valuable and extensive manufacturing and business property, Nos. 510 to 584 West Twenty-third street, in the city of New York, having a front of 335 feet on said street, with floor space of 117,000 square feet ready for use, and with a capacity to increase to 300,000 square feet; being sufficient for the establishment, at that point, of its general offices, and of its principal legal, technical, manufacturing and commercial departments.

To meet the increasing business demands of the Westinghouse Company, the Thomson-Houston Company, the Sawer-Man [sic] Sawyer-Man Company and the general public, the Consolidated Electric Light Company will, within a short time, manufacture at its combined factories at least ten thousand electric lamps, with the necessary electrical attachments, per day.

The announcement is also made by H. R. Garden, Vice-president of the Consolidated Company, that: "This recognition of the Sawyer-Man patents, and consequent concentration of power in the Consolidated Electric Light Company, is attended with a corresponding ability, on the part of this company, to protect itself from infringement of its patents; and steps have recently been taken, in the institution of new suits against infringers, and in the vigorous prosecution of those heretofore instituted, which, it is believed, will speedily and effectually secure to the company the additional profits from that source to which it is justly entitled."


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