Machinery of BEL Company under charge of Mr. O'Neil

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical Review

New York, NY, United States
vol. 10, no. 4, p. 2-3, col. 4,1

The machinery of the Boston Electric Lighting Company, at both the Ferdinand street and Congress street stations, is under the charge of Mr. O'Neil. The Ferdinand street station has been slightly remodeled; the stairways have been moved, and a double screw elevator made by the Whittier Machine Company. The capacity is four tons. The heaviest dynamos are easily raised from the lower floor to the upper story. At present the second story is used as dynamo room, the belts running from counter shafts in the power room below. The story above has been rearranged, a convenient and well-lighted portion being set aside for the care and repair of lamps. Behind this is the store room, in which a fall line of supplies required by the various departments of the company will be kept in stock. A competent man will be given charge of this department. The company have always employed the most experienced workmen for their line department. When fixtures are placed on roofs the covering is removed, the fixture bolted to the roof, which is then placed in the best condition possible. In consequence of the fact that house owners receive no inconvenience from electric light fixtures on their premises, there is no difficulty in obtaining permission to place them.


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Researcher notes:It is possible that insulators embossed BEL CO. could have been made for the Boston Electric Lighting Co.
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