BEL Company moves its offices

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Publication: Electrical Review

New York, NY, United States
vol. 10, no. 10, p. 5, col. 2


(From a special correspondent of the ELECTRICAL


The Boston Electric Light Company have moved their executive offices to the corner of State and Devonshire streets. The main entrance is at No. 17 State street, and the passenger elevator at 47 Devonshire. The rooms are on the third floor, Nos. 3-6 inclusive. Entering room No. 5, general business office, on the right is the cashier's room No. 6, open to the gaze of a visitor through a grated window. In No. 6 there is a large vault and store closet and lavatory, which are lighted with Sun lamps attached to flexible cords. The woodwork has ash finish, and the walls are tinted in old gold, the surface being oiled so that they may be washed. In the general business office there are speaking tubes, annunciators, telephone and switches controlling the incandescent lamps. In one corner of the room there is the desk of the New England agent of the Brush-Swan Electric Light Company, Mr. Frank Ridlon. In the center of the ceiling there is a combination gas and electric chandelier, four gas and four incandescent burners. Near the four corners of the ceiling there are 50 candle power, 100 candle power, group of colored and a group of clear lamps. The brilliant lighting of this room can hardly be equaled. No. 4, the treasurer's room, has tinted walls, stenciled ceiling, and artistic dado. It is lighted by a four light electrolier and two desk brackets. The above mentioned rooms front on Devonshire street. Room No. 8, at the corner of the building, looks upon Devonshire, State streets, and the old State House, the wooden image of the lion rampant here appears as if in retreat, utterly frighted by the glare of Boston's arc lights. A six light electrolier and numerous swing brackets have been placed in this room. The latter are of new pattern and design, and are adjustable in every direction. This, the directors' room, and the treasurer's room are handsomely carpeted, and the general office floor is covered with tile imitation oilcloth. In a small closet in the hallway there is placed the transformer manufactured by the Sun Electric Company, of Woburn, Mass. The whole is enclosed in a neat cast-iron frame. The officers are F. A. Gilbert, president; Hugh O'Brien, vice-president; S. S Sias, secretary and treasurer; Fred. A. Swan, incandescent and motor superintendent; M. S. Lewis, arc light inspector, and in charge of rights of way and construction department; P. Fahey, general superintendent; James O'Neil, general engineer.

Boston, May 2, 1887.


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