Detroit Electrical Works awarded contract for another Detroit railway

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Publication: Electrical Review

New York, NY, United States
vol. 10, no. 15, p. 6, col. 4


(From a special correspondent of the ELECTRICAL


This city is very active electrically. The electric lighting and telephone work has been mentioned in the past in your valuable and interesting journal, but one department of electrical progress here should receive attention now, and that is, electric motors. We think, and tests seem to bear it out, that our city is the producer of as good an electric motor for its purpose as there is in the market to-day, the result of the intelligent efforts of that very capable young electrician, Mr. Frank E. Fisher, manager of the Detroit Electrical Works. This electrical company is actively exploiting the motor, and in addition to work done in the past, has just obtained the contract for equipping the East Detroit and Grosse Point Electric Railway. East Detroit, is a suburb about to be incorporated, and is three miles from the city on the Mack Road. Grosse Point is a very fashionable suburb, located on Lake St. Clair, where most of our wealthy people have summer residences.

The Electric Railway will follow Jefferson Avenue to Cadillac Boulevard, thence to the Mack Road, and along that thoroughfare to Grosse Point. It will be eight miles in length, one mile of the construction being within the city limits. The company will therefore use an underground conduit for this portion of the road, and the conductor for the balance of the distance will be, in all probability, the center rail.

It is the purpose of the builders to make this the banner road, not only in its equipments and service, but speed. The power station will consist of two eighty horse power steel boilers, two sixty horse power automatic engines, and two dynamos; each dynamo being of sufficient power to handle the entire apparatus. The road will be equipped with four sixteen-foot cars, with motors on the front platform, and two large motor cars, of sufficient power to draw three open cars. The motor company has guaranteed the railway company a speed of not less than twenty-five miles per hour, and will start building the road immediately.

The Detroit Electrical Works have also obtained the contract for an electrical railway at Lakeside, Ohio, which will be three miles in length. The equipments of this road will consist of two open cars, and they will probably use overhead conductors, as it is not intended to operate the road during the winter season.                 E. D.

DETROIT, Mich., June 2,1887


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