BEL Company largest local electric lighting company

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical Review

New York, NY, United States
vol. 10, no. 19, p. 9, col. 3

The Boston Electric Light Company, under the management of President F. A. Gilbert, has become the largest local electric lighting company in the United States. The plant was composed of a consolidation of the Brush Electric Light Company of Boston, the Merchants' Electric Company of Boston using the Thomson-Houston system, and the New England Weston, the combination of the three plants making about sixteen hundred arc lights. The company have recently acquired the Citizens' Electric Light Company, of East Boston, with a capacity of about 125 lights which was built and owned by the American Electric Manufacturing Company, of New York. A large increase of apparatus has also just been made, consisting of 250 lights, all of which have been purchased from the American Electric Manufacturing Company. The addition of the Citizens' Company and the purchase of the additional plant from the American Company now makes the American system a large element in the Boston Company.


Keywords:Boston Electric Light Company : Citizen's Electric Light Company
Researcher notes:It is possible that insulators embossed BEL CO. could have been made for the Boston Electric Lighting Co. It is possible that insulators embossed CEL CO. could have been made for the Citizen's Electric Light Co.
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