D. M. Steward Mfg. compelled to increase force of workmen

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 9, no. 7, p. 83, col. 3



CHICAGO, Feb. 5, 1887.

The D. M. Steward Manufacturing Company of Cincinnati, Ohio, have been compelled to increase their force of workmen more than threefold during the last six mouths, and have added a number of new pieces of machinery during that time. They are very much behind their orders for their patent lava insulator. These insulators are in use by some of the largest electric light companies in the country. They are filling an order for one company alone at the rate of four hundred insulators per day. At a recent test by a competent electrician these insulators stood a heat test of 3600 degrees. The Stewart company's window tubes are very beautiful specimens of work, and have the advantage over hard rubber, fibre, or porcelain, in that they are not only fire-roof, but stand water, acids, or any amount of exposure to heat and cold. The company's different articles of manufacture can be made in almost any size or shape. For one class of goods alone they have orders on hand for more than 400 gross, and they turn out daily about five thousand manufactured pieces, to fill orders. Their present facilities are entirely inadequate to the demand for their goods, and additional buildings will be erected in the spring.

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