Citizen's Electric Light Company occupied new station

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Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 9, no. 22, p. 261, col. 1-2



BOSTON, May 23, 1887.

The Citizens' Electric Light Company, of East Boston, on Monday, May 16, occupied its new station on the site of the one burned March 4. The new building is of brick, only one story in height, but owing to the conformation of the ground is nearly 30 feet from floor to roof inside. The floor is of massive timbers, the spaces between which are filled solid with coal ashes, planked with two inches of spruce, and crossplanked on top with narrow hard pine flooring. The roof is supported by heavy trusses of hard pine, and is covered with the best of Easton slate. The boiler room is completely, isolated from the engine and dynamo room by brick walls running to the roof, the only communication between the rooms being through a doorway closed by an iron door. The circuits are led into the building through hard pine timber built into the wall, glass floor insulators being set into the hard pine, and heavy dark wire running from the outside of the building to the switch-board directly beneath the point of entrance. The plant consists of three American dynamos, two of 50 lights capacity each, and one of 85 lights, belted direct to the engines one New York Safety Steam Power Company's 60 horse-power, and one Armington & Sim's 50 horse-power with Charles L. Ivison's patent adjustable link belts. The boiler is of 100 horse-power, made by E. Hodge & Co., of East Boston, and is fed by a Davidson steam pump, through a National feed-water heater. It is set with the Jarvis patent furnace and a mixture of Cumberland coal and screenings is used for fuel. All the appliances are of the most approved modern design, and no finer or more convenient station for the capacity can be found. The switch-board furnished, as is all the electrical plant, by the American Electric Manufacturing Company, of New York is a model of compactness and simplicity, and enables the man in charge to handle the circuits with great ease and to make any desired change or combination without stopping the dynamos. This board has recently been fully described and illustrated in THE ELECTRICAL WORLD. This company has a large and prosperous business in East Boston and Chelsea.

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