H. W. Johns Manufacturing Company's Vulcabeston material

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Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 11, no. 10, p. 129, col. 1



168-177 POTTER BUILDING, NEW YORK, March 5, 1888.


Among the numerous inventions of the last few years, there have been few more important and more useful in any special line than the new material, "Vulcabeston," manufactured by the Johns-Pratt Company. This valuable article has already become well-known among engineers, electricians and others, and the demand for it is increasing rapidly as its desirable properties begin to be more fully recognized. "Vulcabeston" is composed largely of asbestos, combined with water and acid proof materials, vulcanized and compressed. As it is practically indestructible, fire-proof, uninjured by acids, gases, etc., and will not shrink by heat, or swell by moisture, it is destined to supersede india rubber for many important purposes, while the manifold special uses to which it may be put are as yet unnumbered. It can be molded into almost any desired form for special purposes. There are at present two kinds of " Vulcabeston," the acid and waterproof, which will withstand any practical degree of dry heat, making, it is said, the most perfect and durable acid chambers, accumulator cells, etc., ever produced, and the fire and water-proof is a non-conductor of electricity, and possesses all the valuable qualities of that first mentioned, except that it is not strictly acidproof. It is made of any density from the soft, "half-pressed" gasket material to insulating electrical rings, sheets, etc., nearly as hard as iron. Among the various forms already made by the Johns-Pratt Company are sheets of various thicknesses from 1/64 inch to 1 inch, for both steam and electrical work, molded gaskets (round and oval), molded piston-rod packing rings, cup valves and union washers, faucet washers, pump valves, railway dust guards, expansion joint washers, fire and acid proof tubing, accumulator cells etc. They also make to order various articles for special requirements, for electrical and other purposes. This company also makes the vulcanized asbestos piston-rod packing from one-eighth inch to two inches diameter round, and from three-sixteenth inch to 1 inch square, and form this material into concave and convex packing rings which are said to be far superior to any other articles known for throttle valve stems, Westinghouse brake packing, and similar uses; also Vulcabeston shoes, fire and waterproof, for use in smelting furnaces, chemical works, etc. The new "Vulcabeston" works, erected scarcely a year since at Hartford, Conn., have already been enlarged, and their capacity more than doubled and although the enterprise is at present in its infancy I predict for it a great future. Any information concerning this material, with samples, etc., may be obtained from the H. W. Johns Manufacturing Co., 87 Maiden Lane, N. Y.; 88 Leadenhall street, London, 240 and 242 Randolph street, Chicago; 170 and 172 North 4th street, Phila.


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