D. M. Steward Mfg. is the only one of the kind of business in the world

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 11, no. 16, p. 208, col. 1-2



44 Lakeside Building, Chicago, April 14, 1888.

The D. M. Steward Manufacturing Company

I take the following from the New Orleans Times-Democrat: This company is the only oue of the kind in the United States and the world. They manufacture all articles in which chalk, slate and soapstone enter. A few of the leading articles are the peerless lava gas tip and superheater, lava insulators for electric, light plants, metal workers' crayons, used by all mechanics for marking metals; tailors' crayons, powdered soapstone or French chalk, foundry facings for insuring smooth and flne castings, dustless blackboard crayons and slate pencils. They moved to East End from Cincinnati, to be nearer their raw material, which comes from Georgia, North Carolina and Tennesse. The slate pencils are made from a patent mixture ground and then molded under a 60-ton pressure, and are free from all grit, while in price they are cheaper than the product of the pauper labor of Europe. The building is a two-story brick, 160 by 40, with a four-story tower, and is very handsome and substantial. The engine-room is in an annex and a warehouse 150 feet long completes a plant of $30,000, of which $12,000 stock was taken by Chattanooga. The stock is fully paid and the plant and business is worth every cent of $50,000. The scope of trade is not only in the South, but all over the United States. The officers are D. M. Steward, president; M. L. Chapman, secretary. As a matter of interest it may be noted that they are the only manufacturers in the United States of natural gas burners.


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