Whitney Glass Works oldest and largest glass house

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 11, no. 17, p. 218, col. 2-3



39 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia, Pa., APRIL 21, 1888.

Whitney Glass Works

The Whitney Glass Works, whose factory is at Glassboro, N. J., with their principal office at 227 South Front street, in this city, is not only the oldest but the largest establishment of the kind in America. The plant was first put in operation in 1775, just 113 years ago, and the reputation earned has made the house one of the most solid and conservative of business establishments. Six hundred employes are now on the pay roll of the firm, and the business they are now doing in the electrical field has necessitated an increase not alone in the number of hands, but in the size of the plant. They have just completed arrangements for the turning out of all classes of glassware used by electrical firms and experimenting electricians, and are already in receipt of a large number of orders for this kind of work. The fact that they have net been in any way affected by the recent flint-glass workers' strike has been the means of crowding them considerably with orders which could not be filled elsewhere, but they have kept well up with the demand. The quality of glass turned out by this firm needs no mention, since it has stood the test of so many years by the leading consumers of the country.


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