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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 24,294 June 7, 1859 Leg for Pianos
Glass insert in a piano leg with hole for mounting a caster wheel
GELIN, Felix
GELIN, Charles
U 362,064 May 3, 1887 Lightning Rod
Lightning rod with holes in the upper end and lower end to allow air to to draft through
DANIELS, Eugene Ora
Lightning Rod  
U 372,940 November 8, 1887 Insulating Joint
Glass ball to insulate a hanging lamp fixture from the support
SODEN, Francis H.
Insulating Joint  
U 433,284 July 29, 1890 Non-Conductive and Ornamental Handle for Vessels, $c.
Composition handle for tea pots, knives, door knobs, and electrical switches
GOULD, William P.
U 470,514 March 8, 1892 Lightning Conductor
Hollow conductor rod with slip fittings
Lightning Rod  
U 632,851 September 12, 1899 Bedstead Insulator
Glass insulator for bed legs
SELLERS, William
U 779,402 January 10, 1905 Glass Base for Furniture
Glass insulator for furniture legs
U 806,769 December 12, 1905 Adjustable Support for Telegraph Line Wires
Split cylinder of wood insulator for spacing line wires with external spiral grooves for receiving spiral of wire to hold the halves together and attach to insulator on adjacent wires
BELL, Jasper N.
U 830,501 September 11, 1906 Protecting Bushing for Electric Circuit Wires
Bushing with screw threads
Bushing Federal Electric Co.
U 912,364 February 16, 1909 Insulator for Electrically Charges Wires
Tube for routing wires through wood with spring clip attached to the outside of the tube to prevent the tube from slipping out.
CONRAD, Stonewall Jackson
Wall Tube  
U 951,505 March 8, 1910 Insulating Tube
Tree hanger comprised of split tube
MATHER, Thomas T.
U 1,056,392 March 18, 1913 Insulator
BARR, Carl A.
KOREN, Jerome H.
U 1,171,267 February 8, 1916 Insulator for Electrically Charged Wires
Wall tube with metal gripping strip
SMITH, George R.
Wall Tube  
U Specimen known 1,187,378 June 13, 1916 Sliding Shoe for Furniture
Glass slider for end of furniture leg
OSBORN, Alexander F.
Miscellaneous Hard Manufacturing Co.
U 1,205,812 November 21, 1916 Strain Insulator
Suspension made of Electrose similar to Hewlett with interlocking links
U 1,221,225 April 3, 1917 Floor Protecting Attachment for Furniture
Cup of wood or rubber to hold caster wheel and sheet metal insert to secure caster from movement
Piano The Hold Fast Caster Cup Co.
U 1,315,633 September 9, 1919 Insulator Support
Bracket for knobs
U 1,345,987 July 6, 1920 Cushion Support
Square of layered rubber with depression in the center to hold caster wheel from movement
BOCKING, Frederick William
U 1,374,029 April 5, 1921 Tone Foot for Phonographs
A rubber base with glass insert to support phonograph legs
PRICKETT, William H.
U 1,484,569 February 19, 1924 Ceramic Body
Method of making a suspension disk by inserting a fired porcelain part inside the bottom of an unfired disk, then firing the disk, which shrinks around the insert securing a cemented pin inside
SCHEID, Johannes Friedrich
Suspension H. Schomburg & Shone
U Specimen known 1,487,355 March 18, 1924 Drawer Knob
Glass drawer knob with screw threads for screwing into the drawer
OVERMYER, Charles G.
Drawer Knob  
U 1,494,766 May 20, 1924 Insulating Support
Battery rest insulator sitting on a foot to allow movement
Battery International Oxygen Co.
U 1,562,817 November 24, 1925 Piano Glide
Glass shell with bottom made of polished hardwood to aid in moving piano and act as an insulator
WISMER, George C.
U 1,670,853 May 22, 1928 Piano Insulator
Glass base with metal and rubber cup to support the piano leg
U 2,434,391 January 13, 1948 Fence Knob
Bracket for electric fence insulator that is strong and easily attached to wooden post without damaging the post. Bracket has two spikes that secure it to the post.
BUSSMANN, Aloysius B.
U 2,454,348 November 23, 1948 Latch for Electric Fence Gates
Latch for electric fence using Surge insulators (see 2,350,420) (see design 126,721) (see design 126,722) (see 2,454,348) [see picture 170540955]
SCHILLING, Lorell John
Electric Fence Babson Brothers Co.
U 3,116,362 December 31, 1963 Insulating Bushing Assembly with Spring Retaining Means
Porcelain bushing with a retaining spring.
RANKIN, Lawrence H.
Bushing The Hartford Faience Co.

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