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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 121,368 November 28, 1871 Improvement in Telegraph Insulators
Triangular insulator to reduce surface contact of tie wire
HOLLEY, Minard Y.
U 126,038 April 23, 1872 Improvement in Fastening Telegraph Wires to Insulators
Tie wire with insulated sheath or saddle to insulate it from conductor
DOREN, Dennis
Tie Wire  
U Specimen known 187,183 February 6, 1877 Improvement in Telegraph Insulators
CD 130.2, wire groove composed of a series of projections
Insulator 1/2 to Joseph Herz
U 298,753 May 20, 1884 Insulated Telegraph Tie Wire
Tie wire insulated with strips of fabric coated with gutta percha
HINSDALE, Charles C.
Tie Wire  
U 308,818 December 2, 1884 Brace for Telegraph and Telephone Lines
Brace to keep multiple lines separated during high wind.
ARNOLD, Andrew H.
U 340,734 April 27, 1886 Electric Wire Insulator
Tie wire embedded in insulator
Tie Wire 3/4 to George Goss, Samuel Gilson, Andrew Horner
U 406,041 July 2, 1889 Insulator for Electric Wires
Tie wire cast into insulator
GILL, James C.
Tie Wire Hemingray Glass Co.
U Specimen known 443,187 December 23, 1890 Electric Insulator
CD 144, ridges around outside of skirt to break water film
BAIN, Foree
U 475,781 May 31, 1892 Electric Wire Holder
Tie wire made of a loop of wire with pre-formed loops on the ends to connect together and curved to interlock with the line wire
LLOYD, Edwin L.
Tie Wire  
U Specimen known 699,761 May 13, 1902 Insulator
Lightning rod insulator tie wire knob
Lightning Rod Insulator  
U 742,890 November 3, 1903 Telephone Tie Wire
Tie wire consisting of loop of wire with preformed ends to wrap around the line wire
MOORE, JR., George F.
Tie Wire  
U Specimen known 749,867 January 19, 1904 Method of Securing Electric Wires
Tie wire made from flat ribbon
KLINE, Alexander
Tie Wire  
U 802,015 October 17, 1905 Device for Attaching Telephone and Other Wires to Insulators
Tie wire with loop and clip to hold line wire
BARR, Michael
Tie Wire  
U Specimen known 867,901 October 8, 1907 Insulator
CD 110, CD 147 & CD 150 spiral extension above wire groove to facilitate removing or installing the insulator without the need to remove the tie-wire.
U 878,520 February 11, 1908 Means for Tying Wires to Insulators, etc.
Tie wire method
GERDON, Lewis W.
Tie Wire 1/2 to Edwin P. Barnes
U 879,033 February 11, 1908 Insulators for Electric Wires
U 884,142 April 7, 1908 Insulator
Cylindrical insulator with spiraling ribs to screw insulator into crossarm, center groove to hold line wire, external grooves to carry water away and drip points or serrations to allow water to drip down
FOREMAN, Ernest Jay
U 886,774 May 5, 1908 Wire Tie
Tie wire consisting of a J-shaped wire looped on each end to secure it to the line wire
DREW, Harry A.
Tie Wire  
U 944,259 December 28, 1909 Insulator
Self-tying miscellaneous
DENNLER, August G.
Self-tying Miscellaneous 1/3 to William Quigg
U Specimen known 948,321 February 8, 1910 Knob Insulator
Knob or spool to support a pair of insulation covered wires
GRACE, Sergius P.
Knob Western Electric Co.
U 1,061,823 May 13, 1913 Tie Wire for High Voltage Circuits
Tie wire for high voltage multipart insulators that can be changed safely with power still on
CRONIN, Jeremiah
Tie Wire The Cronin Electrical Appliances Co.
U Specimen known 1,229,272 June 12, 1917 Insulator
CD 210 with top saddle groove (see 954,350)
IRWIN, John J.
U 1,967,616 July 24, 1934 Insulator
Tie wire for high voltage multipart pintype insulators using a conductive sleeve between conductor and insulator with tie wire wrapped around the sleeve
Tie Wire The Ohio Brass Co.
U 2,172,810 September 12, 1939 Reinforcement for Transmission Lines and the Like
Preformed length of wire for specific line wire diameter to extend on either side of insulator to dampen out vibration in the line wire
SHERMAN, Delmar C.
U 2,198,839 April 30, 1940 Conductor Support
Little bracket with insulator crown to hold low voltage wire attached to a wood pole (see 2,022,386)
WALSH, Carroll H.
U 2,202,538 May 28, 1940 Line Conductor Reinforcement and Tie
Tie wire or line reinforcement made of a stiff drawn wire preformed helix to fit around the diameter of the line wire without bending
Tie Wire Copperweld Steel Co.
U 2,234,656 March 11, 1941 Insulator Tie for Electric Conductors
Preformed tie wire clips that fit around the insulator and clip on the line wire
Tie Wire Copperweld Steel Co.
U 2,263,728 November 25, 1941 Combined Line Wire Tie and Reinforcement
Combination tie-wire and line tie
GORDON, Chester S.
Tie Wire Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc.
U 2,283,663 May 19, 1942 Connector
Metal connector to replace the tie wire to hold the conductor on the insulator
BUGG, Kenly C.
Tie Wire  
U 2,361,109 October 24, 1944 Insulating Protector for Conducting Wires
Tree insulator to protect the wire
Tree The Porcelain Insulator Corp.
U 2,421,286 May 27, 1947 Insulator Tie for Line Conductors
Preformed hard drawn wire helix to act as line wire reinforcement and tie wire
PYLE, Ralph D.
Tie Wire Copperweld Steel Co.
U Specimen known 2,517,221 August 1, 1950 Secondary and Service Rack Insulator
Knob - specimens exist called ""pencil holder""
LOUX, Raymond A.
U 2,585,249 February 12, 1952 Clip for Holding Electrical Conducting Wires to Insulating Supports
Tie wire replacement made from preformed spring metal clip
JOHNSON, Lawrence
Tie Wire  
U 2,897,256 July 28, 1959 Line Wire Support
Tie wire and line reinforcement using a preformed hard drawn wire helix designed to allow adjustment of line wire after installation
HOLMES, Alvin W.
Tie Wire Indiana Steel & Wire Co.
U 2,911,695 November 10, 1959 Tie for Fastening a Line Wire to an Insulator
Tie wire using a preformed helical wire with tie wire loop crimped several times to make points of contact with the insulator and secured in place with an interlocking clip
KNIGHT, Robert D.
Tie Wire United States Steel Corp.
U 2,941,029 June 14, 1960 Preformed Tie for Fastening a Line Wire to an Insulator
Preformed tie wire and line reinforcement of hard drawn wire helix with loops in the ends of the tie wire loop portion for a hand tool to pull tie wire tight around the insulator
Tie Wire United State Steel Corp.
U 3,069,491 December 18, 1962 Helical Spring Wire Tie
Preformed tie wire and line wire reinforcement using a simple single length of spring wire with no clips
HAYDEN, Albert P.
MASON, Alden O.
Tie Wire United States Steel Corp.
U 3,288,918 November 29, 1966 Apparatus for Securing Lines to Supports
Preformed tie wire and line reinforcement of ribbon helix made of resilient material that may be uncoiled to make the tie but spring back to preformed shape
SCHLEIN, Seymour N.
Tie Wire The Fanner Mfg. Co.

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