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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 115,521 May 30, 1871 Improvement in Insulators for Telegraph Wires
Threadless insulator with metal thimble cemented in pinhole
READ, Horatio
Thimble 1/2 to B. B. Hagerty
U 124,200 March 5, 1872 Improvement in Telegraph Insulators
Earthenware insulator soaked in mix of wax and rosin then in petroleum
FARMER, Moses G.
U 201,544 March 19, 1878 Improvement in Insulators for Telegraph Wires
Threads of segmented internal threads to match segmented pin
U Specimen known 288,360 November 13, 1883 Telegraph Insulator
Double petticoat design for style similar to CD 162. An annual recess to receive paraffin to form a broad band of surface protected from moisture
OAKMAN, Samuel
Insulator The American Insulator Co.
U 297,101 April 22, 1884 Insulator for Telegraph Wires
Pin hole shaped to receive a keyed pin (advertisement eBay 4-2001)
BALDWIN, Luther C.
U 317,479 May 5, 1885 Insulator for Electric Wires
Insulator with corrugations (vertical) inside skirt
WRIGHT, William H.
U 321,646 July 7, 1885 Electric Wire Insulator
Pin with spars to fit in threaded pin hole
Pin 1/2 to John E. Smith
U Specimen known 353,120 November 23, 1886 Insulator
CD 187, U-81 & U-82, duplex insulator for underside of crossarm
BROWN, Robert G.
Insulator E. S. Greeley & Co.
U Specimen known 573,092 December 15, 1896 Insulator
Insulator of two materials combined
LOCKE, Fred M.
U 582,396 May 11, 1897 Insulator
Self-tying slot top
SCHNEE, William G.
Self-tying Slot Top 1/2 to John R. Dixon
U 776,789 December 6, 1904 Insulator
Skirts are horizontal
LOCKE, Fred M.
U 778,005 December 20, 1904 Electric Insulator
Pin hole with groove inside of pin hole & on pin
BOOKER, Charles
U 822,211 May 29, 1906 Insulator
Skirt (bottom) upper end nearly flat with porcelain cap resting on same
LOCKE, Fred M.
U 937,140 October 19, 1909 Non-detachable Insulator
Pin permanently fixed to the insulator via slotted pinhole
MACCALLUM, Alexander P.
U 1,291,713 January 21, 1919 Separable Part Insulator
Multipart (& suspension) with cemented, threaded metal shells screwed together
AUSTIN, Arthur O.
Multipart The Ohio Brass Co.
U 1,406,953 February 14, 1922 Strain Insulator
Suspension with special slotted cap and pin to improve cement joint
GODDARD, Walter T.
Suspension Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,468,044 September 18, 1923 Line Insulator
Metal thimble in Electrose pintype insulator and internal cavity to cool insulator
U 1,663,421 March 20, 1928 Line Breaker
Breaker insulator similar to guy strain
U Specimen known 1,701,562 February 12, 1929 Insulator
CD 122.4, CD 128, CD 142, CD 194.5, CD 195.5 with threads inside skirt
GORDON, Chester S.
Insulator American Telephone & Telegraph Co.
U 1,997,688 April 16, 1935 Insulator
RFI: coat crown with copper glaze to prevent radio interference
HUNT, Marsden H.
BARROW, George M.
RFI Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
U Specimen known 2,084,866 June 22, 1937 High Voltage Insulator
U-796 styles and CD 221 Hi-Top design
PLIMPTON, Bentley A.
Insulator Locke Insulator Corp.
U Specimen known 2,088,433 July 27, 1937 Fog and Dust Insulator
U-816 series
PLIMPTON, Bentley A.
Insulator Locke Insulator Corp.
U 2,947,802 August 2, 1960 Insulator with Cap in Socket
Pin covered with plastic cap to more securely hold the insulator on the pin

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