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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 814,613 March 6, 1906 Insulator Pin
Pin (metal) bracket using split sheet metal threads
U 1,006,268 October 17, 1911 Insulator Bracket
Bracket (various styles) using spring for threads (see 856,488 and 856,801)
PEIRCE, JR., Charles L.
Bracket Hubbard & Co.
U 1,022,121 April 2, 1912 Insulator Pin
Pin, metal with barbs to hold it in hole in crossarm
BOYLAND, Clarence Joseph
U 1,026,711 May 21, 1912 Sheet Metal Insulator Pin
Pin, metal composed of three flat strips
SHOVER, Barton R.
U 1,110,495 September 15, 1914 Insulator Support
Pin, pressed metal to form bin and support
KOBERT, Frank P.
Pin Barnes & Kobert Mfg. Co.
U 1,125,064 January 19, 1915 Lightning Rod Fastener
Flat spring metal clip easily fastened to walls with screws and lightning rod snaps into the clip for easy installation
Lightning Rod Wisconsin Iron and Wire Works
U 1,147,065 July 20, 1915 Insulator Clamp and Bracket
Steel bracket and pin combination that fits around the crossarm
ZIEG, Joseph
U 1,157,037 October 19, 1915 Insulator Supporting Structure
Bracket stamped from sheet metal and curved upward with spring for threads
PEIRCE, JR., Charles L.
Bracket 1/2 to Hubbard & Co.
U 1,171,127 February 8, 1916 Metallic Cross Arm Pin
Pin, sheet metal formed ribs and threads
Pin Anders P. Lindholm
U 1,176,333 March 21, 1916 Insulator Pin
Pin formed of sheet metal fitting around crossarm
BAKER, Jason
U 1,193,602 August 8, 1916 Insulator Supporting Fixture
Bracket, composed of sheet metal parts easily assembled
PEIRCE, JR., Charles L.
Bracket 1/2 to Hubbard & Co.
U 1,195,263 August 22, 1916 Insulator Support
Bracket, sheet metal stamped in U-bracket with attached threads
PEIRCE, JR., Charles L.
Bracket 1/2 to Hubbard & Co.
U 1,202,885 October 31, 1916 Insulator Pin
Pin, metal with bolting bracket and spring for threads
PEIRCE, JR., Charles L.
Pin 1/2 to Hubbard & Co.
U 1,520,218 December 23, 1924 Insulator Bracket
Bracket made of stamped metal
BARNARD, Thomas A.
U 1,523,164 January 13, 1925 Insulator Supporting Bracket
Bracket made of stamped metal
BARNARD, Thomas H.
TAYLOR, Herbert M.
U 1,609,124 November 30, 1926 Insulator Support
Insulator pin and support bracket made of pressed metal or steel
PEIRCE, JR., Charles L.
U 1,709,805 April 16, 1929 Method of Making Insulator Supports
Secondary rack stamped out of one piece of sheet metal. (see patent 1,917,322)
PEIRCE, JR., Charles L.
Bracket/secondary Rack  
U 1,714,814 May 28, 1929 Pole Bracket
Steel bracket for pole top that supports insulator pin on side of pole
PLIMPTON, Bentley A.
Bracket Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,722,672 July 30, 1929 Insulator Supporting Bracket
Secondary rack of simple but strong design eliminating rivets.
Bracket/secondary Rack Seyler Mfg. Co.
U 1,779,489 October 28, 1930 Method of Making Secondary Racks
Method of making secondary rack brackets (see 1,883,818)
PEIRCE, JR., Charles L.
Manufacturing 1/2 to Hubbard & Co.
U 1,822,037 September 8, 1931 Method of Making Insulator Racks
Method of making rack spool brackets (see 1,794,520)
Manufacturing Hubbard & Co.
U 1,839,594 January 5, 1932 Bracket
Bracket for poles for several rack spool wireholders (see reissue 19,473)
RICK, Karl L.
U 1,865,134 June 28, 1932 Pole Top Bracket
Pole top bracket that uses the same length steel insulator pin as that used on the wooden crossarm
PLIMPTON, Bentley A.
Bracket Locke Insulator Corp.
U 2,016,470 October 8, 1935 Secondary Rack and the Process of Making Same
Simple secondary rack construction to reduce cost.
WHITE, Leonard H.
Bracket/secondary Rack Line Material Co.
U 2,434,391 January 13, 1948 Fence Knob
Bracket for electric fence insulator that is strong and easily attached to wooden post without damaging the post. Bracket has two spikes that secure it to the post.
BUSSMANN, Aloysius B.
U Specimen known 2,609,418 September 2, 1952 Adjustably Mounted Insulator Assembly
Electric fence insulator with hexagon head used with metal mounting bracket (see patent 2,756,958)
BINNS, Jack N.
DUGLE, Thomas E.
ALT, Alvin F.
Electric Fence  
U 2,634,313 April 7, 1953 Line Wire Transposition Bracket
Transposition bracket pressed out of a square of steel to hold four insulators
RIDGERS, Frederick G.
Transposition N. Slater Co. LTD

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