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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U Specimen known 1,892,798 January 3, 1933 Cable Rider
Cable support tray (specimens are not uncommon to find)
ELMER, William B.
AVILA, Charles F.
Miscellaneous Charles B. Elmer
U 1,892,888 January 3, 1933 Strain Insulator
Elaborate strain insulator with metal rings and rods attached around the insulator
Strain Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,894,292 January 17, 1933 Strain Insulator
Helical strain insulator
CRAMER, Walter
Helical Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,894,340 January 17, 1933 Insulator Pin
Pin with soft metal threads
AUSTIN, Arthur O.
Pin The Ohio Brass Co.
U 1,896,937 February 7, 1933 Insulator
Fog type suspension like a Hewlett but with the edges curved sharply upward
BRINEY, Perry G.
U 1,897,385 February 14, 1933 Insulator Bracket and Method of Making the Same
Secondary rack for spool insulators and method of manufacture
Bracket Oliver Iron & Steel Corp.
U 1,901,349 March 14, 1933 270 Degree Clamp
Bracket or clamp for high tension suspension insulator used to redirect the conductor 270 degrees in another direction. Clamps also found with patent 2,111,505.
LAPP, John S.
Suspension Lapp Insulator Co., Inc.
U 1,902,310 March 21, 1933 Method of Making Insulator Caps
Method of pressing out a malleable metal cap
PLIMPTON, Bentley A.
Manufacturing Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,904,608 April 18, 1933 Insulator Finishing Brushing Machine
Machine to grind down interlinking passages in a semi-dry insulator body for metal fittings
Manufacturing Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,910,333 May 23, 1933 Insulator Connection
Suspension with special cotter pin to prevent cap and pin from coming disconnected
Suspension Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,911,031 May 23, 1933 Insulator Support
Steel pin, support base, and threads made of a spring coil
MILLER, Charles E.
Pin Hubbard & Co.
U 1,911,558 May 30, 1933 Insulator Pin
Steel pin with threads made of a spring coil
DRIGGS, Lorenzo J.
Pin Frank F. Winters
U 1,912,007 May 30, 1933 Insulator Pin
Steel pin and externally threaded steel cone support securely mounted to the crossarm
PLIMPTON, Bentley A.
Pin Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,912,456 June 6, 1933 Transposition Bracket
Bracket for transposition
KLEIN, Charles H.
Bracket Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc.
U 1,913,305 June 6, 1933 Suspension Means for Guy Strain Insulators
Guy strain insulators connected by means of special metal hardware
Strain Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,914,436 June 20, 1933 Insulator
Metal terminal built into a secondary rack insulator or wireholder that is used to secure the deadend of the drop wire with the terminal making the connection to the wire leading into the building eliminating the need for soldering or other poor connection (see 1,821,221; 1,821,222; 1,877,903)
KYLE, William D.
Bracket/secondary Rack Line Material Co.
U 1,914,437 June 20, 1933 Insulator
Wireholder with lag screw
KYLE, William D.
Wireholder Line Material Co.
U 1,917,322 July 11, 1933 Insulator Support
Secondary rack stamped out of one piece of sheet metal. (see patent 1,709,805)
PEIRCE, JR., Charles L.
Bracket/secondary Rack 1/2 to Hubbard and Co.
U 1,920,978 August 8, 1933 Insulator
Clamp type with lag screw
FORT, Louis
Clamp Type  
U 1,923,221 August 22, 1933 Process of Melting Glass
Boro-silicate glass, method to make colorless by using graphite pot
LOCKE, Fred M.
LOCKE, Fred J.
Boron Corning Glass Works
U 1,925,058 August 29, 1933 Process for Forming Plastic Clay Masses
Wet process clay reflocculation method to eliminate pugging process
ROWLAND, Davidge H.
Wet Process Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,925,211 September 5, 1933 Art of Assembling Insulators
Method of cementing pin in suspension insulator to remove air
SMITH, William A.
Suspension The Ohio Brass Co.
U 1,927,106 September 19, 1933 Insulator
Carrier circuit insulator with metal skirt coated with insulating material
Carrier American Telephone & Telegraph Co.
U 1,927,639 September 19, 1933 Electric Insulator
Suspension insulator with hole in top to insert pin, plug to cement in the hole, and cap cemented over the top
U 1,929,737 October 10, 1933 Apparatus for Molding Insulators
Die to hot press to form an insulator for street lights with one part of the mold rotating and a stationary part to form petticoats with integral lugs (see 2,007,567)
FISCHER, Eugene H.
Manufacturing The Harford Faience Co.
U 1,930,735 October 17, 1933 Terminal Mounting for Lighting Fixtures
Terminal mounting for lighting fixture.
YARSLEY, Thomas G.
Fixture The Harford Faience Co.
U 1,931,626 October 24, 1933 Insulator
Threads molded from cement in finished insulator
Thread Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,934,308 November 7, 1933 Insulator Support
Bracket mounted horizontally to hold a spool insulator
HOIT, Julian D.
Bracket National Electric Products Corp.
U 1,937,184 November 28, 1933 Jigger
Jiggering machine using centrifugal force to cut out the interior of bushings
AUSTIN, Arthur O.
Manufacturing The Ohio Brass Co.
U 1,937,620 December 5, 1933 Insulator
Suspension cap and pin designed to improve and strengthen the cement joint
AUSTIN, Arthur O.
Suspension The Ohio Brass Co.
U 1,937,731 December 5, 1933 Insulator
Pin for suspension disk
Suspension The Ohio Brass Co.
U 1,937,764 December 5, 1933 Insulator
Self-tying tree insulator with mounting lag screw and convoluted metal wire clip cemented in the porcelain insulator designed such that the insulator is turned to allow the conductor to be dropped in the slot between the ends of the wire clip and then the insulator is turned 90 degrees to secure the condutor in the wire clip.
KYLE, William D.
Tree Insulator Line Material Co.
U 1,937,964 December 5, 1933 Insulator Support for Tower or Mast Type Antenna
Insulator for supporting radio tower or mast antenna
JENNER, Ralph L.
Antenna Lapp Insulator Co., Inc.
U 1,939,760 December 19, 1933 Means for Suspending Porcelain Insulators
Means of connection suspension disks with internal threaded rings to receive external threaded connector from underneath disk
Suspension Wheeler Reflector Co.
U 1,940,591 December 19, 1933 Protecting Apparatus for Insulators
Arcing ring for string of suspension insulators
Arcing Ring Locke Insulator Corp.

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