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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 92,551 July 13, 1869 Improvement in Lightning Rods
Star shaped lightning rod made of 4-edged angle iron with a sheet of copper pressed over the outer surface and then twisted (see reissue 8,429)
REYBURN, William S.
HUNTER, Edmund A. W.
Lightning Rod  
U 77,729 May 12, 1868 Improvement in Lightning Rods
Lightning rod made of wire or iron with a sheet of copper wrapped several times around it
HALL, William
Lightning Rod  
U 123,600 February 13, 1872 Improvement in Lightning Rods
Lightning rod made of soft iron flat on the back side and fluted on the front side then covered completely with sheet copper
WELLS, Warren A.
HOUSE, George
Lightning Rod  
U 19,819 March 30, 1858 Improvement in Lightning Conductors
Lightning rod made of iron wires wrapped with copper sheets
Lightning Rod Henry C. Janes
U 132,615 October 29, 1872 Improvement in Lightning Rods
Lightning rod made of hollow or solid iron dipped several times in molten copper to coat entire surface with multiple layers
YANCEY, Edwin L.
Lightning Rod  
U 171,744 January 4, 1876 Improvement in Lightning Rods
Lightning rod composed of a copper sheet wrapped around a metal bar with copper wrapped wires on either side and the whole twisted
SMITH, Charles H.
Lightning Rod  

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