Calvin Stout Arrrested for Forging Hemingray Check


Publication: The Muncie Daily News

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 2, col. 2

Forged a Check.


One Calvin Stout was arrested and brought before Squire Keener this morning on a charge of forgery, preferred by Elias Langdon who keeps a small grocery store in South Muncie. It seems that a short time ago Stout came to Langdon with a check on the Citizen's National Bank for twelve dollars, signed "Hemingray" and made payable to bearer. Mr. Langdon cashed the check, and thought no more about it for a day or two. When he looked at again he thought it was a queer way for a gentleman of Mr. Hemingray's standing to sign a check, and commenced to investigate before he presented it at the Bank. Mr. Hemingray pronounced it a forgery, saying that all checks signed by him bore the signature of R. G. Hemingray, and that they were never made payable to bearer, but were made payable to order. Mr. Langdon immediately filed an affidavit against Stout for forgery. He plead "not guilty" to the charge against him, and demanded a lawyer to defend him. His demands were acceded to, and Mr. Ralph Gregory was engaged as his counsel. Mr. Gregory moved postponement of the case until Monday forenoon at nine o'clock which the Squire granted. Stout was put under $500 bond for the appearance at that time, in default of which he will remain in jail.


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