The Simplest porcelain cleat

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electricity

New York, NY, United States
vol. 8, no. 3, p. 35, col. 2

The "Simplest" Cleat.


The accompanying cut is an illustration of a new style of Porcelain Cleat recently placed on the market by the Electric Heat Alarm Company of Boston, and judging from reports the trade throughout the country is learning to appreciate its merits, numbers of good orders being daily received for it. The owners of this device explain their reason for naming it the "Simplest" by claiming that it is in one piece, it anchors the wire, it doesn't break, it doesn't cut or bend the wire, it can be put up independently of the wire, it gives perfect insulation of the wires, it is practical for nearly all sizes of wire, it will bind two different sizes of wire at the same time, and further, that it has more merit than any other cleat now in use. It goes without saying that a cleat for which so much is claimed ought to be in demand everywhere, for a first-class cleat has long been a desideratum. The electrical fraternity knows a good thing when it sees it, and doubtless the Electric Heat Alarm Company of Boston, which is already well known for other high-grade specialties, will enjoy a constantly increasing demand for what they have introduced as the "Simplest" Cleat.





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