Kid McCoy and Robert Hemingray in automobile explosion


Publication: The New York Times

New York, NY, United States
vol. 56, no. 17,814, p. 6, col. 3


Tank Explodes In Jamaica and He

Uses Clothes to Quench the Blaze.


Kid McCoy was in a hurry yesterday, afternoon to get to the Jamaica race track. He had a bet to place upon Dolly Dollars, the filly of his brother-in-law, Charlie Henshall, and she was running in the first race, so he sent his automobile along at a pace which all the Summer had carried him past every other touring car on long Island.

As he was going up America Hill near Jamaica the slippery surface of the road held back the car. A spark fell into the gasoline tank, and there was an explosion. McCoy and his friend, Robert Hemmingray [sic] Hemingray, were thrown out and the car caught fire.

In spite of a bad bruise on his left leg, McCoy rushed to the machine, tore off his overcoat, and tried to smother the blaze with it. The coat was burned and he stripped off his jacket. That burned, too, and he made a final desperate effort with his waistcoat.

The Fire Department from Jamaica hurried to the automobile, but it was too late. The machine was burned to the frame, and all McCoy has left of it is a pair of lamps.

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