J. Webb defendent in civil suit over insulator stolen from California Glass Insulator Company


Publication: The Long Beach Press

Long Beach, CA, United States
p. 2, col. 2

Defendant Back East;

No Funds With Which

to Return for Trial

Attorney John E. Daly attended the civil action in Judge Harvey's department of the superior court today in which J. Webb, former resident of this city, is charged by the directors of the Southern California Insulator Glass company with conversion of certain property.

A peculiar and interesting feature of this case is the fact that Webb got out of state while out on bail bond and got so far away that his bondsmen are unwilling to advance the money to bring him back. At any rate they have taken no steps to produce the defendant, although advised so to do by the attorney and by the court.

Unless steps are taken to produce Webb by Friday of this week, the bail bond will be declared forfeited, according to Attorney Daly and this will determine the case.

Webb, it will be remembered, was a watchman at the works of the California Glass Insulator company in the northwest part of town after it closed down several months ago. Later, when Webb was no longer in the pay of the company, a lot of machinery was carried away from the plant and sold for junk and on this account the stockholders brought action against Webb for the conversion.

Webb was given a preliminary hearing before Judge Brayton and bound over to the superior court and released on bail. While waiting for his trial he left the state and got passage east, but has never had money enough at one time to get back here, it is said, although he is perfectly willing to come back and stand trial. Attorney Daly advised the bondsmen to bring him back and they have until Friday to forward the necessary funds.

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