Hemingray Glass Company - Muncie, Indiana

Erected a New Ten-Ring Dixon Continuous Flint Tank

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Publication: The Commoner and Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
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New Ten-Ring Tank About Ready for Operation

at the Hemingray Plant Good Run Being Made

at the Chas. Boldt Glass Co.'s Works Modern

Fuel System Has Been Installed Two Tanks

Running Full Capacity at Cicero, and Outlook

Appears Bright. Gas Shortage Causes Some

Inconvenience at Baker Bros. Window Plant, Arcadia

Arrangements Made for Fuel Supply.


By Chas. C. Mayer.


At the Muncie plant of the Boldt Glass Co., Supt. Thos. Holden has affairs moving in the usual good order. In addition to the nine-ring continuous flint tank he has four shops working on a small amber tank making pints and half-pints. This tank is also under the main roof and is large enough to give employment to six shops. Eighteen shops are making a variety of flint bottles on the big tank. This plant was successfully operated up to the end of last fire and the present season was begun Sept. 15.

As the works are equipped with a modern fuel system, there are at present no obstacles in sight that would hinder the thus far recorded excellent run from proceeding to the end of the blast. There are practically no changes here since the writer's last visit and contentment prevails among the men as well as with the management.

The Hemingray Glass Co., Muncie, Ind., are erecting a new ten-ring Dixon continuous flint tank, and Supt. J. C. Gray expects to put it in operation about the first of the year. A general line of flint ware will be the output. This tank takes the place of the old 14-pot furnace, which had to be discarded on account of an inadequate natural gas supply. Producers and every other modern equipment will be installed with the new tank.

Two tank furnaces with about 26 shops are being operated on insulators at present. Owing to the fact that construction work is practically at a standstill at this time of the year, shipments of this kind of goods are but normal at present, but this old, established institution is usually doing a brisk business on this line. The officers of the firm are: R. C. [sic] G. Hemingray, president, D. C. Hemingray, secretary and treasurer. The main office is at Covington, Ky.


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