U-937 Imperial on Niagara Falls-Buffalo transmission line

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Publication: Electrical Review

New York, NY, United States
vol. 29, p. 297, col. 3

The "Niagara Type" of Porcelain Insulators.


The accompanying illustration is from a photograph showing the comparison between an ordinary derby hat and the porcelain insulators used on the electric transmission line between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. These insulators are known as the "Niagara Type," were designed by the White-Crosby Company, of New York city, builders of the line, and were made by the Imperial Porcelain Works, of Trenton, N. J. The base of the insulator is of an oval shape, 8-1/2 inches wide the long way and 7-1/2 inches wide the short way. The insulators are 5-3/4 inches high and weigh about 10 pounds each. In the illustration is also shown a section of one of the cross-arms used on the line, supplied by the Central Manufacturing Company, of Chattanooga, Tenn. The small insulator on the right of the picture is the ordinary "pony" glass insulator used for the private telephone line, which is carried on the same poles as the transmission line.


A Comparison of Size Between A Derby Hat and the Porcelain Insulators Used on the Buffalo-Niagara Falls Transmission Line.


As mentioned in the ELECTRICAL REVIEW at the time the line was opened, the porcelain insulators were supplied by three firms. The best lot were those sent by the Imperial Porcelain Works, of Trenton, N. J.; but owing to the fact that this concern could not turn out enough insulators, made with the unusual care required for this special use, the product of two other companies was temporarily utilized until the Imperial Works could finish the order. Since the line was opened, a number of the insulators have broken down, and these have been replaced with the "Niagara Type." Eventually, the whole line will be equipped with this type, as manufactured by the Imperial Porcelain Works.

It may be well, in passing, to state that the hat shown in the picture is of the ordinary size, and does not belong to any one connected with the construction of this important and successful line.


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Researcher notes:The U-937 insulator was designed by Fred Locke and made by Imperial Porcelain Works.
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