Hemingray Glass Company - Muncie, Indiana

Employees Participate in "Most Popular Glass Worker" Contest


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States


Most Popular Glass and Iron Men to

Receive Gold Watches.

A voting contest on the most popular glass and iron worker in the city is in progress at the National hotel bar-room under direction of manager S. Crolley, late of the Board of Trade of Covington, Kentucky. The contest ends January 15. With each purchase a vote is given. The prizes are Elgin gold watches. The vote thus far for the glass men is: James Clabby, 141; Pat. English, 70; Jack Kelly, 30; J. McMonagal, 27; John McGuigan, 15; Greely Ferguson, 8; Alex. Campbell, 8; George Horton, 7; T. Thornburg, 7. The iron men's vote stands: William Doran, 32, Harry Darrel, 30; Thomas Grandy, 15; martin Flaherty, 9; A. McDonald, 9; William Hughes, 8; Joseph McAllister, 7; and John Fianan and Ford Bennett, six each.


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