Insulators delayed by strike out East


Publication: The San Jose Mercury News

San Jose, CA, United States
vol. 11, no. 59, p. 3, col. 1


Electric Road Men Are

Attending to Business.

Laying of the Track to Commence

Next Week.

The Big Engine Being Placed in Position

at the Old Stables Between

the Bridges.


The engine to be used by the Electric Motor Company is now being placed in position at the engine house on west Santa Clara street between the Los Gatos and Guadalupe bridges.

Work on the road will be pushed rapidly and the material is arriving every few days. The strike in the glass works in the East delayed the manufacture of some of the material, but work was resumed in the factories on September 1st, and a portion of the material for the San Jose electric road was shipped on the 16th.

There is a section of the track at the engine house. It is all bolted and resembles a cable track. The glass insulators will hold a twelve-pound 'T' rail; one will take the current and the other will return it, forming a complete circuit. This will be reinforced by a quarter-inch curvative rail, so as to give it more capacity. The connecting rod from the car will run into a slot. Below are small wheels running on a wire, charged with electricity and connected with the motor, which will be geared to the axle of the car. By moving a little lever the speed can be increased or decreased at will.


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