Electric Road to run December 25th


Publication: The San Jose Mercury News

San Jose, CA, United States
vol. 11, no. 64, p. 3, col. 2


Bishop & Rich's Electric Road to be

Run on Christmas Day.


Surveyors are at work staking off the center line of the proposed electric railway on Santa Clara street. The glass insulators, without which the track cannot be laid, are expected in a day or two.

Over three miles of rails are on the ground and the instant the surveying is done, excavating will begin. The conduit will then be laid and the concrete put in, finishing the road bed as fast as the line progresses. The work will not at all interfere with travel on the old line as the railway will have a doouble track on Santa Clara street. The inner rail will be three feet from the center of the street, the tracks thereby being six feet apart. A. J. Bowie, representing the Electric Improvement Co., and A. Fraser, who will have charge of the work, are on the ground. Mr. Bowie said he expects to see cars running before Christmas.


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