Electrical Porcelain Men in violation of Sherman Anti-Trust Laws

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Ceramic Industry

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 5, no. 6, p. 568, col. 3

Electrical Porcelain Men Up for

Violation of Sherman Anti-Trust Laws


Anti-Trust proceedings against seventeen porcelain manufacturing companies and several individuals have been filed in the federal courts at Cleveland.

The defendants are charged with an attempt to establish uniform prices and to eliminate competition thru a patent assignment scheme in violation of the Sherman Laws.

The defendants listed include:

Brunt Pottery Co., Columbus, Ohio; Colonial Insulator Co., Akron, Ohio; Davidson Porcelain Co., East Liverpool, Ohio; Federal Porcelain Co., Carey, Ohio; General Porcelain Co., Parkersburg, W. Va.; Findlay Electric Porcelain Co., Findlay, Ohio; Mogadore Insulator Co., Mogadore, O.; National Electric Porcelain Co., Carey, Ohio; J. H. Parker & Son, Parkersburg, W. Va.; R. Thomas & Sons Co., East Liverpool, Ohio; Wheeling Tile Co., Wheeling, W. Va.; Ravenswood Porcelain Co., Ravenswood, W. Va.; Among the individuals named are: J. H. Parker, Parkersburg, W. Va.; R. G. Sencer, Carey; H. R. Holmes, East Liverpool; J. D. Bicknell, Findlay; C. O. Anderson, Parkersburg.


Keywords:William Brunt Pottery Company : Colonial Insulator Company : Davidson Porcelain Company : Federal Porcelain Company : General Porcelain Company : Findlay Electric Porcelain Company : Mogadore Insulator Company : National Electric Porcelain Company : J. H. Parker : R. Thomas & Sons Company : Wheeling Tile Company : Ravenswood Porcelain Company
Researcher notes:The suit was over the crimped nail patent.
Supplemental information:Articles: 8512, 7623, 7624 Patent: 1,427,953
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