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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U Specimen known 628,667 July 11, 1899 Insulated Rail Support
Third rail type (see stoneware specimen in 1989 CJ)
KING, Charles K.
MEAD, George A.
Third Rail  
U Specimen known 667,882 February 12, 1901 Feeder Wire Insulator
Mine insulator (similar to Sackett see 903,692) [CD 1025?]
KING, Charles K.
U 904,069 November 17, 1908 Insulator
Strain insulator to electrically disconnect the circuit. (see reissue 13,526)
KEMPTON, Williard H.
Strain The Johns-Pratt Co.
U 945,972 January 11, 1910 Catenary Suspension for Trolley Wires and the Like
Catenary arrangement using deadend spools
MEAD, George A.
U 974,672 November 1, 1910 Insulator
Suspension insulator
Suspension The Ohio Brass Co.
U 1,034,888 August 6, 1912 Section-Insulator for Overhead Structures
Catenary arrangement using deadend spools
DENNEEN, Francis S.
MEAD, George A.
Catenary The Ohio Brass Co.
U Specimen known 1,048,992 December 31, 1912 Insulator
Strain, interlocking type (OB hog liver)
MEAD, George A.
Strain The Ohio Brass Co.
R 13,526 February 11, 1913 Insulator
Reissue of patent 904,069. Strain insulator to electrically disconnect the circuit.
KEMPTON, Willard H.
Strain The Johns-Pratt Co.
U Specimen known 1,431,137 October 3, 1922 Joint for Articles of Ceramic and Similar Materials and Method of Producing Same
Multipart joined by sand, glaze-welding and/or differential shrinkage
AUSTIN, Arthur O.
Multipart The Ohio Brass Co.
U 1,683,109 September 4, 1928 Conductor Support
Bracket to hold strain insulators on a crossarm for deadending
SNYDER, Edward B.
Bracket The Ohio Brass Co.
U 2,022,863 December 3, 1935 Arcing Guard
Metal arcing guard for suspension string
LUSIGNAN, JR., Joseph T.
Arcing Ring The Ohio Brass Co.
U 2,036,225 April 7, 1936 Lightning Guard for Transmission Lines
Lightning guard strung above transmission towers with supporting tower between transmission towers
LUSIGNAN, JR., Joseph T.
Transmission The Ohio Brass Co.
U 2,048,016 July 21, 1936 Fog Type Insulator
Fog-type suspension disk with metal dish underneath to keep bottom pin area dry
LUSIGNAN, JR., Joseph T.
Fog Type The Ohio Brass Co.
U 2,146,344 February 7, 1939 Electric Insulator
Suspension cementing technique to reduce damage from expansion
MEISSE, Louis A.
Suspension The Ohio Brass Co.
U 2,239,809 April 29, 1941 Insulator
Suspension insulator and method of applying RFI coating
RFI The Ohio Brass Co.

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