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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 355,655 January 4, 1887 Ball Ornament for Lightning Rods, &c.
Lightning rod ball colored or silvered on the inside with a hollow glass tube to receive the rod and same sealed at the ball to prevent moisture or water from entering the ball
MUNSON, Alvin J.
Lightning Rod Ornament  
U 356,531 January 25, 1887 Lightning Rod
Lightning rod of two or more tubes
GRIMES, Cornelius H.
Lightning Rod  
U Specimen known 357,050 February 1, 1887 Lightning Protector for Electrical Conductors
Barbed wire as a conductor for lightning protection placed above the electrical conductors on poles
VAIL, Jonathan H.
D 17,148 March 1, 1887 Design for a Paper Weight, Match Safe, & C.
K of L glass anvil shaped match safe
GILL, James C.
HI Hemingray Glass Co.
U 359,812 March 22, 1887 Insulator for Supporting and Holding Electric Wires
Cleat type for holding house wiring
Cleat 1/2 to Louis Schleip
U 359,940 March 22, 1887 Lightning Rod Standard or Brace
Tripod stand for lightning rod with brackets to hold the rod
PATEE, Theodorus H.
LAWSHE, Thomas D.
Lightning Rod  
U 360,215 March 29, 1887 Automatic Lathe
Insulator pin threading device
FISHER, Frank E.
U 360,354 March 29, 1887 Insulator
Acoustic insulator to reduce vibration of telephone wires in acoustic or mechanical telephones
LOCKE, Willie F.
Acoustic 1/2 to John E. Robertson
U 361,520 April 19, 1887 Lightning Rod
Lightning rod with openings for water near the point to allow water to travel down the inside of the rod and a ground point with holes to allow the water to enter the ground
HILL, Charles F.
Lightning Rod  
U 361,759 April 26, 1887 Composition for Pipes, Artificial Stone, etc.
Composition formula of Gilsonite
GILSON, Samuel H.
Composition 1/2 to George Goss, Sr.
U 326,268 May 3, 1887 Machine for Turning Insulator Pins
Machine for cutting the screw thread on wooden pins (missing the 4th page)
FROST, Lewis D.
U 362,062 May 3, 1887 Multiple Subsidiary Ground Terminal for Lightning Rods
Lightning rod ground with multiple ground wire to spread current into ground
COLE, James W.
Lightning Rod Ground  
U 362,064 May 3, 1887 Lightning Rod
Lightning rod with holes in the upper end and lower end to allow air to to draft through
DANIELS, Eugene Ora
Lightning Rod  
U 362,076 May 3, 1887 Composition for Insulating and Other Purposes
Composition formula of Gilsonite
GILSON, Samuel H.
Composition 1/2 to George Goss, Sr.
U 362,477 May 3, 1887 Electric Police Call Alarm Box
Police call alarm box with a key
Alarm Box 3/4 to Hern, Prendergast, Oakman
U 362,682 May 10, 1887 Loop Insulator
Suspension or strain insulator with shield
SANDS, Horace Van
U 362,801 May 10, 1887 Lightning Rod
Lightning rod a water tank with overflow pipes to ensure tank is full of water
Lightning Rod  
U 364,211 June 7, 1887 Glass Mold
Glass mold for bottles with an end-tapper.
U 364,605 June 7, 1887 Lightning Rod
Lightning rod composed of a hollow core wrapped with small hollow wire which has been wrapped with soft wire and the whole encsed in a copper covering
Lightning Rod 2/3 to Henderson D. Morse and Nathaniel C. Gault
U 367,164 July 26, 1887 Insulator
Self-tying slot top
RUGER, Henry K.
Self-tying Slot Top  
U 367,348 July 26, 1887 Lightning Rod Brace
Lightning rod tripod stand by twisting metal rods and forming two eyes to hold insulators with lightning rod passing through
MAST, L. Lavake
Lightning Rod Stand 1/2 to Wesley J. Mast
U 368,284 August 16, 1887 Electric Wire Clamp Insulator
Cleat - clamp type
U 369,429 September 6, 1887 Bridge Brow for Ferry Boats & c.
Method of moving bridge bows or gang planks on boats
Misc 1/2 to John Hurtin King
U 369,447 September 6, 1887 Insulator
Cleat - clamp type with slotted cylinder and screw eye
Cleat Greenfield & Co.
U 372,940 November 8, 1887 Insulating Joint
Glass ball to insulate a hanging lamp fixture from the support
SODEN, Francis H.
Insulating Joint  
U 373,393 November 15, 1887 Tool for Cutting Seats for Insulator Attachments for Musical Instruments
Tool for cutting circular slot in piano legs in order to insert the piano insulator.
BENNETT, Delbert F.
Piano Insulator  
U 373,407 November 15, 1887 Interlocking Coupling for Lightning Rods
Coupling for lightning rods the interlocks with slots and projections on each end of the rod sections
KRESS, George R.
Lightning Rod Coupling  
U 375,276 December 20, 1887 Insulator
Self-tying with J slot and cap
EMERY, Edward C.
Self-tying Miscellaneous  

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