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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 3,229,031 January 11, 1966 Selective Stacking for Pedestal Post Insulators
Method of connecting similar pedestal post insulators to obtain desired insulation levels
OWENS, James B.
Pedestal Post I-T-E Circuit Breaker Co.
U 3,243,505 March 29, 1966 Insulator Having Semi-Conductive Layers to Increase the Capacitance Thereof
Fog type suspension with conductive layers on top and bottom of disk
CLARK, Colin H. W.
Fog Steatite and Porcelain Products, LTD.
U Specimen known 3,251,014 May 10, 1966 Electrical Coupling Device
Miscellaneous internal coupling device to obtain a voltage from high voltage power line
STEIN, Laurence B.
Miscellaneous Sigma Instruments, Inc.
U Specimen known 3,268,655 August 23, 1966 High Voltage Cable Spacer Insulator Device
Aerial spacer to hold three high voltage conductors and keep them spaced apart.
HAIGH, William Francis
MCMAHON, Chester
MCMAHON, Eugene Joseph
Spacer Fargo Manufacturing Co.
U 3,288,918 November 29, 1966 Apparatus for Securing Lines to Supports
Preformed tie wire and line reinforcement of ribbon helix made of resilient material that may be uncoiled to make the tie but spring back to preformed shape
SCHLEIN, Seymour N.
Tie Wire The Fanner Mfg. Co.

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