Canadian Pacific Telegraph

F. J. Barnard, Contractor


Publication: The British Colonist

Victoria, BC, Canada
vol. XXXIII, no. 19, p. 2, col. 2

Canadian Pacific Telegraph


EDITOR COLONIST Sir: In answer to many letters, not only from persons in British Columbia but abroad, as to the probable number of men to be employed in the construction of the Canadian Pacific Telegraph next spring and the time of commencement, I wish to say that 800 men at least will be required, two-thirds of whom must be good axmen. It is proposed to commence work on Section 2 (Kamloops to Clearwater) as early as provisions can be forwarded, say 30th March. From Clearwater upwards work will not commence until 1st May, as supplies cannot be forwarded to that point at an earlier period. Section 2 will employ 50 men. Men will be engaged at Kamloops, where the contractor will open an office.


Contractor, C. P. T.

Victoria, Jan. 4, 1875


Keywords:Canadian Pacific Telegraph : F. J. Barnard : CD 734
Researcher notes:F.J. Barnard had the contract to build the Canadian Pacific Telegraph ahead of the railway, and stored at least one cache of wire and insulators (CD 734) along the proposed route between Cache Creek and Fort Edmonton.
Supplemental information:Articles: 11651, 11652
Researcher:Mark Lauckner
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