Canadian Pacific Telegraph

F. J. Barnard, Contractor


Publication: The British Colonist

Victoria, BC, Canada
vol. XXXV, no. 66, p. 2, col. 2

The Telegraph Line.

Mr. F. J. Barnard, who is now at Ottawa, has been notified by the Dominion Government that he will be required to begin work on his telegraph line contract so soon as the railway line is located, which, it is thought, will be within the next two months.


Keywords:Canadian Pacific Telegraph : F. J. Barnard : CD 734
Researcher notes:In this article, from the following spring, it appears as if the plan is to go ahead, but along the different route. I can find no information to suggest that Barnard built this line along the new route. It is well documented that the government never did pay him for his materials and this caused him great financial hardship and ongoing legal battles with the government. We know he never did go back to recover the stored wire and insulators, that's where all the McMickings (CD 734) were dug.
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Researcher:Mark Lauckner
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